SALADAY Fare for November

20171108_085041Today’s Mediterranean Orzo Salad is one of our favorites, loaded with color and hearty goodness. If you missed out on ordering, we hope you’ll take a look at the upcoming selections for the balance of November, and get your orders in early!

We apologize for being late posting the menu for this month, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up for the remaining three weeks. Don’t miss out on our healthy lunches this month, and check back immediately after Thanksgiving to see what “gifts” to expect in December!! We’ve planned some special taste treats for the holidays.

We hope you’ll join our SALADAY lunch bunch! Every salad is delivered to your Burleson location with a bottle of water and a fresh-baked treat; all for the low price of $10 plus tax. Add protein in the form of tuna, salmon or chicken for a small additional charge. 20171108_083015

Remember, you can order salads for special holiday parties at your office as well. Just give us a call at 214-662-9767, or email to discuss your individual needs.

Wednesday, November 15  —  Spinach & Mixed Greens

Fresh mustard greens and a bit of fennel add unique flavors to this mixed greens salad, spiced with sliced mushrooms, water chestnuts and heart of palm for a slightly exotic touch. Champagne vinaigrette and toasted sesame seeds on the side.

Wednesday, November 22 – “Everything but the Turkey”

Roasted sweet potatoes with baby red and yellow potatoes, green beans, dried cranberries and seasoned croutons — all atop our locally-grown fresh greens — make this a pre-Thanksgiving dinner par excellence! Tomato vinaigrette adds just a bit of punch, along with toasted sunflower kernels.

Wednesday, November 29 – Mixed Slaw on a Bed of Greens

One of our favorites makes a return visit – carrots, cabbage, broccoli, green onions, raisins and a light classic herb vinaigrette to end the month. We’ll add some crumbled goat cheese to top it off.

As always, we wish you good health and good eating, with fresh, naturally-grown produce from our Farm in Burleson and other ingredients sourced from local markets and select suppliers.

SALADAY: The best day of the week


Beginning August 9, in Burleson, each week will have a new day. SALADAY represents a mid-week break from normal routine; a treat for the palate, and a fresh, healthy option for a working lunch.

We will bring new taste treats to your office door — every week, all year long! We’re not only renaming that middle day of the week; we’re creating a whole new day!

DFW Aquaponics Farms is launching a delicious, delectable, delivery service. Every Wednesday, for a set monthly fee, you can have a hearty salad lunch brought directly to your office or shop in Burleson, a different selection each week, depending on the harvest and the season.

It’s our contribution to our city’s ongoing efforts to promote health and fitness; and we think it’s the neighborly thing to do! Our local Aquaponics farm is producing a bounty of goodness, and this is our way of sharing the bounty.

Saladay was announced publicly Wednesday, July 19, at the regular monthly meeting of the Be Healthy Burleson steering committee.  Each salad features Certified Naturally Grown lettuce and other salad greens from our farm in Burleson, along with a rotating selection of quality vegetables, fruits, nuts, toppings and unique dressings, many of them organic produce from our friends at Burleson’s City Market.

Our thanks to Kurt Jaeger of City Market, for allowing us access to his kitchen prep area and for allowing us to use a portion of his walk-in cooler for our salads and lettuce.

Why not assure your place at our community table by placing your order now? We’re working on a streamlined order form right here on the website — it should be ready for use within a few days. For now, though, email your intent to participate by sending your name, the name and address of your business, and the number of salads you’re ordering to We’ll send billing information and a confirmation by return email.

Price per delivered salad is $10 plus tax; a total of $40 (or $50) a month. Monthly menus will be posted here on the website.

The inaugural salad was our version of a “summer light” potato salad, with a mix of perfect small heads of Butterhead and leafy Bibb lettuce, tiny potatoes, petite tri-color tomatoes, tangy radishes and green onions. Zesty mustard vinaigrette hints of the French countryside, and pumpkin kernels add a bit of crunch.

It’s just one of the special salads you can look forward to when you enjoy SALADAY with DFW Aquaponics Farms!