Growing , growing, grown!

The frame is finished for our new production greenhouse
— thanks to a great group of volunteers.

It didn’t start out as a wonderful day. In fact, it was chilly and foggy, damp and drizzly.

Saturday, January 14, became a wonderful day, though, in every way!

The new greenhouse frame at DFW Aquaponics Farms in Burleson is now at its full length of 120 feet. The hoops are standing. Over the next week, we will attach the purlins to support the hoophouse covering. It’s a major step along the path toward commercial production of fresh, locally grown produce for our local communities.

IMG_3748 (2)

Thank you to all who helped!

We consider ourselves fortunate to have a group of Aquaponics enthusiasts who come out on a regular basis to exchange information, to participate in classes, to share experiences, and to support one another in the effort to grow fresh, healthy food. We are proud to be among the growing number of Aquaponics growers throughout the country.

Our 20 x 50 Aquahouse in Burleson has served us well — just this month we began supplying City Market Burleson with a variety of fresh, leafy greens and the response from the community has been gratifying. But the smaller greenhouse was always intended to be an R&D facility rather than a commercial enterprise. It is and will continue to be available for school tours, ongoing classes and a variety of learning experiences. It has been a great beginning; we also look forward to transitioning into some new areas of urban agriculture. More on that subject later.

Our new 20 x 120 greenhouse will allow us to supply fresh produce in a variety of ways — to local groceries, restaurants and nearby farmer’s markets — as well as to grow a wider variety of greens, fruits and vegetables. Now that the frame is nearly complete, the next steps will begin — building the growbeds and installing the systems, the plumbing lines and the electrical service.

We look forward to upcoming Saturday workdays. Anyone interested in learning about Aquaponics is welcome, both at our First Saturday Gatherings and at other events, including workshops and seminars.

Let’s all work together to assure the success of the Good Food Revolution!